The Day I Fell in Love With a Woman

I will forever remember the day I realized I was in love with a woman.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to men. There was no questioning that. When I was child, I envisioned myself to be the princess falling in love with the handsome Prince. Then I grew up, lost my virginity to a boy, and in my adult life began dating man after man – never really finding said Prince Charming.

As I entered a room, my eyes would scan for good-looking men. My Tinder filters were always set to men. Men is what I knew. It’s what I felt familiar with. Every time I went on a date or met someone new, it was always the opposite sex. The same sex that ended up being a disappointment months later.

It used to always revolve around men… until suddenly it didn’t.

The day she came into my life, the whole thing turned upside down. Pretty soon she was all I thought about. All I dreamt about. All I loved. What I felt for this woman was out of this world. It’s a love so pure nothing can taint it. I’m in love with her. This beautiful, confident and wild woman.

Now, and thanks to her, I am learning it’s never too late to let someone into your heart and love for the first time.

They say every rule has an exception. She has been mine. My queen.

And this is just the first chapter of our own fairy tale…



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