Post-Mexico Feels

Coming back from a trip is always one of the most bittersweet feelings. I have been back in San Francisco for a week and I am already missing Mexico — the laid-back pace, the incredibly friendly culture and hospitality, the beach sunsets, and of course… the hand-made tortillas. I mean, you really can’t beat that, can you?

It was a short, yet intense weekend spent with new friends lounging on the beach, eating and drinking. Straight out of work on a Friday we hopped on a plane and landed in Guadalajara at 8pm, desperately longing for tacos, guacamole and tequila – it was the only thing on our minds while were going through airport customs.



The weekend flew by in a blur of Frida Kahlo shirts, drinking fresh coconuts, getting a bit too much sun, swimming in the sea at sunset, eating my weight’s worth of ceviche on the beach, countless hours of laughing, crying and singing Despacito.

Amidst all this action I was able to do some life thinking. Thanks to all that thinking, I learned a lot. Mainly about myself, how I deal with things and how to enjoy life as much as I can. A lot of this learning was heavily introspective… even though I was there with friends and cherishing every second I spent with them, I also did a lot of thinking about where I am in my life and what I want.


It might have been the sun, the fact that we were on holiday, or my state of mind, but this thought came up a lot: Make a life, not just a living. It was a powerful realization to me. It’s so easy to get caught up in your daily existence, but life is about so much more than what you’re making of it.


Traveling is a great way of feeling alive, you go places to make you feel. Happiness, longing, excitement, freedom. LOVE. You go places to exit your comfort zone. To grow. 

It was kind of the perfect setting to do this type of thinking. A gorgeous hut nestled on the beach in the middle of nowhere, with the newness of a place I had never been to before.


And now, here I am. Feeling refreshed and like I really learned a thing or two about myself and how my mind, body and soul work. I now feel utterly prepared to overcome anything that comes my way in this new chapter of my life. An acceptance that there is a time and a place to move FORWARD with my life in ways that are sort of scary. But worth it. But scary.

Beyond that, I feel like I learned a lot about how I can enjoy every day to the fullest. For me, it’s a balance of: exercise, healthy food, surrounded by people I love, lots of productivity and work sprinkled in, some time in the ocean or in the sun, and dedicating time to myself each day to decompress, try new things, write, read, and that kind of stuff.


Guessing this is how I got my tan/burn. 

Of course that’s just a template for how I like to enjoy most of my days, but I like a little adventure thrown in there too. Some curve balls are always welcome, they’re what make life interesting. But if I know that that’s my routine that I can always come back to — I am happy.

To many more weekends like this.


More Mexico pics on my Instagram.


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