Life update from Santa Cruz

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

First of all, you should know that I wrote this under the hot sun. I was walking around Santa Cruz , and this post came flooding out of me. I had to get it out of me — so I felt like, if nothing else, I definitely had to share.

It’s a Friday in mid winter and here I am in the scorching Santa Cruz sun, sipping on an almond milk capuchino, watching people go by, knowing they have no idea what is going through my mind. They see a girl absorbed in something she’s typing in her laptop and think I’m working on some important paper, or meeting a last minute deadline. I shed a smile. This couldn’t be more distant to reality. I’m typing up my future, the next steps that will determine my career, and my life.


I have just pressed the SEND button accepting what will be my new job, a next step in my professional life here in San Francisco, which will shape my personal life as well.

Today my feelings of stress vanish and are now replaced by relief mixed with a tint of excitement. I am hopeful that the future will bring on new challenges, and I firmly believe everything happens for a reason, whether or not we know what that reason is at the moment.

I’m exhilarated, and at the same time seriously freaked out. This new life I know nothing about lies ahead, and it’s my duty to shape it into my own.


One good thing that has come from this is I’ve been able to spend a week chilling in Santa Cruz, while I gather strength for my next step. It has helped me gain perspective and am now ready to take on whatever is coming my way.

Santa Cruz, a surfer town known mostly for it’s waves, cute coffee shops and relaxing time. Just what the doctor ordered! My days were spent in a blur of wandering, popping into cute coffee shops downtown, soaking up the sun on the boardwalk, reading and just pressing the pause button.


This city definitely changes vibe from rain to sunshine. The day we arrived we were greeted with dark clouds, rain and hail, but the following morning the sun came out to shine, showing the town’s true colors.

One of the days there I took a trip to Capitola, a must see if you’re in the area, and stumbled across a cute little family-owned Deli, Castagnola Deli & Cafe, which just opened and serves the best veggie sandwich and smoothies. A dream! If you’re ever in the area, pop in, the even make picnic baskets to take to the beach!



Now it’s time to let go of the past, and see what the future awaits.



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