5 tips on moving to a new city

I have moved to new cities before. I know how utterly terrifying it can be, but also how incredibly exciting, enriching, and rewarding it can be too.

I’ve never been able to stay in the same place for a long period of time, nor do I ever plan to move. I just go. The first time I moved away from my home in Lanzarote, Spain, I was going to study in Madrid at the age of 18, with my two suitcases in tow. I moved a bit more after that, Belgium, Barcelona…

But nothing like what I did last month.

This time, I’ve moved across the world to a place I had only been when I was 10: San Francisco (which presents its own set of challenges). Instead of two suitcases, this time I brought three.

It has been an emotional rollercoaster, but also one of most incredible life experiences I have had so far – filled with new experiences and lessons learnt.

Keep reading for 5 tips to make your first few months a breeze…

1. Meet new people

Living so far away from home, friends are going to be family now more than ever, so invest as much time in making new ones. You already have a few? Good! Say yes to all new plans you feel you’ll enjoy. This is the perfect time to join a sporting team, do some group fitness, go to that cooking class – do what it takes to meet new people.

2. Get out and explore

Getting lost wandering the streets of your city is the best way to get to know your new home, so although it might seem scary at first just dedicate time to understanding your neighbourhood and the new city you live in! Isn’t it great when you know your surroundings? But check to see if there are any unsafe no-go areas before you do this, especially if doing the wandering alone.

3. Cope with your homesickness

Moving somewhere new changes your world, regardless of whether it’s a few states or a whole continent away. Particularly if you’ve moved alone. To cope with it stay in touch with my family, and try to plan some fun things in the future to look forward to. One thing I’ve found useful is to treat yourself every now and then to something nice, like a yummy meal, a new outfit or a massage. It’s worth a try!

4. Stay in touch with people at home

Download Skype. Embrace Skype. Don’t be too busy with your new life that you lose contact with your old one. Keeping in contact with friends and family is so much easier these days with Skype, whatsapp, or viber, you’ve literally no excuse to fall of the face of the Earth now!

5. Try to avoid stress

Moving is stressful. Money, new job and bureaucracy are pretty much the tri-fector for massively high stress levels so don’t be too hard on yourself. These things will work out over time and everything will be fine. Trust me. I’ve also found yoga has done wonders to my stress levels, perhaps there’s somewhere you can do a free course? And meet people too!

Stay tuned for more updates on my move to San Francisco (and perhaps some Fall food-related topics).

In the meantime check out the Fit Little Hippie Facebook. 


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