Travel to: Amsterdam

Fit Little Hippie Amsterdam

Hello everyone!

I just spent the best weekend in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I must say Amsterdam is  one of the craziest cities I’ve even seen, and Rotterdam exceeded my expectations.

The weekend started off with our train arriving at the Central Station, dropping our bags off at our apartment for the weekend (the KattenKabinet) and a nice stroll around the canals of Amsterdam.

Fit Little Hippie Amsterdam blog

The view from my room at the Katten Kabinet – which was an actual cat musem! 

Of course everyone knows one thing famous about Amsterdam is the city’s night life, so there we went. After having a delicious dinner of pasta and red wine near our house we went to listen to some Jazz at a bar called Café Alto. Highly recommended! A small place, but great live music.

Fit Little Hippie Amsterdam

Walking through the canals at night.

The following day we did some more touristic stuff like visiting the Van Gogh Museum, which I really recommend and the Volendam park, which was beautiful! We discovered the entire city during two whole days, experiencing touring a city on a bike and eating yummy food.

One of the things I enjoyed the most, apart from the beautiful flower and food markets, was the architecture. The houses are amazingly built, some are even crocked and still standing.



Of course we stopped to smell the flowers.

Until next time!

















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